Unless otherwise stated, these books are in very good condition. Photographs available if requested

I purchased most of the library of a retired /now deceased University of Georgia professor. I have over a hundred books which I will start posting here. Most of these books look like they have never been opened. They cover a wide range of subjects from  basket making, pottery, weaving, dyeing, rug making, crafts,  sewing and more from here and other parts of the world.

I had Cherylís weaving apprentice type this up. If you waited on me it would be next week as I am a hunt n peck typist



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   Weaving Related Books

Spinning and Dyeing

Needlecrafts, Bobbin Lace, Quiliting and Coverlets


Native American Arts


 Rugs and Carpets

 Macrame' Sprang Twining


Ceramics, Pottery, and Candle Making

Natural Crafts and found objects


Ethnic page 2

Crocheting and Knitting

Drawing, Crafts

Ceramics and Pottery



Magazines 2