Cotton from Field to Yarn


This is a Power Point presentation


The program covers the history of cotton. Types of cotton, properties of cotton, cotton production, ginning, spinning, plying and dyeing of commercial yarn. I also go into types of twist, figuring yardage based on the yarn count (size) of the yarn. There are also four short videos. One on Shepherd's Delight weaving studio and the Georgia Yarn Company, field harvesting of cotton, a modern ginning operation in Georgia and a modern blue jean plant in Georgia.  


I have done  this program at the University of Georgia for the weaving students, in Atlanta for the Chattahoochee Handweaving Guild, the Athens Fibercraft Guild. Will be doing this again In February for the Manasota Weavers Guild, Sarasota, Florida. In early March for the Fiber Guild of the Savannahs in Georgia and the Michigan League of Handweavers in early June in Holland, MI and I will also be set up selling yarn and silk fiber at these programs.

What I ask for is for your guild to pay for my gas, put me and Cheryl up if this is an overnight project and be allowed to sell my cotton, linen and silk.


Cheryl also has a program/workshop on the making of woven transparences. This program can be just a Power Point presentation or a full program with a workshop with your members making woven transparences on their looms.


If your group is interested in either program please contact us at

 whpenfield@ or calling (706) 453-7603.