American make in Georgia from fibers imported from Austria

Eucalyptus fiber naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria, is a high-performance product with superior strength, softness, drape, and sheen. The fabrics that result are stable and durable, but also soft and silky, with very low pilling. And TENCEL® is eco-friendly, too: Fibers come from sustainable eucalyptus wood.

TENCEL® is spun from fibers made from Austria Eucalyptus wood pulp certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The wood is processed in a “closed loop” system recognized by the European Union as both safe and sustainable. This yarn has also been certified according to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, a rigorous testing, auditing, and certification system for environmentally friendly textiles.

Ne 40/1 Ring Spun Z twist waxed on 1 pound cones @ $8 pound 30 cones on hand, very white and shiny. 33,600 yards per pound

Sett Lace 55 epi, Plain 68 epi, Twill 81 epi

Ne 24/1 Ring Spun Z twist no wax on a 4 pound plus cone @ $8 pound purchase 50 cones on hand purchase, very white and shiny, 20,160 yards per pound

Sett Lace 43 epi, Plain 53 epi, Twill 63 epi

Purchase 10 or more cones and take 10% off

With care both of these single yarns can be used as warp.