Introduction Class


 Backstrap Weaving

This class was held at the Steffen Thomas Museum of Art:
on May 13, 2012.  The looms were made from popsicle sticks, paint stirrers and 3/4 inch PVC pipe, as we had a very
limited budget.  Since the class was only 2 hours, the student age was 8-80 years old, and I had
 no idea what age students we would have, the looms were warped prior to the class.  I used a spool
rack, and mounted the rigid heddles to my warping board to thread, and then pull the warp through.
Prior to the class we set up stations, and tied the looms to the tables.  We also set out a bag containing
the backstraps (made from half of a heavy placemat with 2 grommets and cords), stick shuttles and a comb.

We gave out a handout with basic instructions, I gave a demo, and then we let everyone choose some yarn, and
 get started.  It didn't take long for the class to get the hang of the process, and then they played with changing
colors, and some tried alternating, doing a half basket weave, and inserting colors.  Everyone mastered advancing the warp forward and time flew by.  With the loom and instructions sent home, hopefully everyone can finish their piece and start a new one.

The students seemed to enjoy this brief intro to weaving.  I also took my 22" 4 harness loom, and the students had
a chance to see a different type of weaving and tried weaving on it if they liked.  

Many thanks to Laverne Waddington (bolivian warmi) for her great blogs-instructions, and her encouragement.




Warping one of 15 reeds

15 looms ready to go                                                    The room set up





These are websites that have information about backstrap weaving.  Some have videos and a lot of extra