Dish Towels

 I have been told, by many satisfied owner's of my dish towels, that they are very serviceable.

But please DO NOT put fabric softener in the wash water- it will keep the towel from drying  dishes.

I have woven over 1,000 towels, I just stopped counting

 I always have towels on hand even if not pictured here or I can make you towels to order.


                                         Dish towels by the foot, 17 towels, Natural warp and colored weft. These towels have not been cut apart yet.




The above 10 pictures are of 8 shaft towels, 8/2 cotton w/20/2 tabby in a point twill weave.



These towels were woven in 10/2 unmercerized cotton in a Bronson Lace weave.



These towels are woven with a linen yarn.




100% Linen Dish Towels                      

                                               The towels with red are app 80% Linen, 20% Rayon







Towel on the loom, huck weave





50% cotton & 50% linen yarn from Borgs of Sweden, 18 x 24 inches.  Woven February 2010 in an overshot pattern called Kay's Design.








Towels woven November 2009 100% cotton All huck weave.
































Towels woven in February 2008  100% cotton . Spring in the South.

 100% cotton 17" x 24"               100% cotton (1)18" x 19" (2) 18" x 25" 


99% cotton terry w/shots of green metallic Guest towel 24" x 17" 


100% cotton Guest towel 15" x 17"