My Looms


This is a 45 inch, 4 harness, Newcomb Studio loom.  I have been weaving on this loom since 1980. It was purchased in the North Georgia Mountains. Shown in my weaving studio in South Carolina, 1981, looking at the back side.

This is a 22 inch, 4 harness copy of a Harrisville Design loom made by my husband in 1982. I use this loom as a demonstration loom.


This is a 48 inch, 4 harness Macomber loom. Purchased in Ashville, NC as my birthday gift  in 2008 by my husband. It is shown here with a dish towel warp.

This is my newest loom, it is a 56 inch 16 harness Macomber. My husband and I picked up this loom in Columbiaville, MI in pieces in June 2009. Michael put it together the week after we got back, this is my first warp being dressed on it.  Seen from the backside.